Booster Coffee Roasters is a Montreal specialty coffee company  that places the planet, people and quality at the heart of its production. Each coffee must be an epic moment, a moment to escape


Most appreciated

AFRICANO from $9.50
The Aeropress makes it possible to extract an espresso in one minute, anywhere, anytime. Bring your coffee and some water to boil, and you're good to go.
AUTENTICO from $29.99
Half-dark roasted, the Autentico is a balanced, velvety blend with no acidity. Perfect for the most traditional palates, its Peruvian beans, once roasted, give it delicate tasting notes of nuts and milk chocolate.
CREMONE from $29.99
FLORAL AND DARK CHOCOLATE NOTES With its intense body and chocolate and floral tasting notes, Cremone is, without a doubt, the favorite of many espresso lovers. Half-dark roast, it is intense and persistent. Its thick cream and richness will charm your taste buds every time!Delicious in espresso, it does not lose any of its intensity when mixed with milk as in a latte or a cappuccino, for example.
GRAN BARISTA from $29.99
The Gran Barista wraps spicy lemon flavors in a lingering body of chocolate. Semi-black roasted, the Gran Barista is our brightest espresso and features pronounced floral acidity!Showcasing grains from Guatemala, it's a real taste bud to start your day!

Much more than coffee

Dedicted experts

Our dedicated team is looking for the best beans through the most beautiful regions of coffee in the world.

Good vibes

Our coffes are inspired by great moments forging our life. We want you to get closer to them one sip at the time.

Evironmentally friendly

Choice of grains, compostable packaging and ecological means of transport. We reduce our social environmental impact.

Much more than coffee

We're not the ones saying it


Highly recommend! I'm in love with all those special editions. It's always a pleasure to discover their latest creation

Jessica F.

Glad I've stumble upon this brand a while ago. It's my go to. Fast delivery and exceptional quality.

Michael G.

Fantastic coffee. Can't go through my mornings with the Authentico mix. #Boosterfan !

Enny t.

Our latest collab

Our lastest coffee collab gives us chills! Discover our Booster x Jayz limited edition coffee. A brew created to support the black community. Booster will match this 5$ donation to a local organizations that helps local black community to thrive. All the details of payments to organisms will be shared on our social media platforms.


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